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Can You Learn Tajweed By yourself with an online Tajweed Tutor?

Absolutely! You can learn Tajweed by yourself sitting at home. In other words, you don’t need to goout any local or physical Madrassah. Instead, you should arrange for a PC/mobile with a good internet connection and extract some time for learning Tajweed at home. You can learn a Free Tajweed course at home at Freelance Working Institute. 

Most Effective Methods for Learning Tajweed

It has become easy for everyone to study Tajweed Quran at home. Learning Tajweed for Beginners can be challenging when one’s primary language is not Arabic. But mastering Tajweed is crucial for achieving accurate Quran recitation. It aids in the proper entry and exit positions for pronouncing each word and letter in the Quran.

Learn Tajweed Free at home, Learn tajweed by yourself

Understanding the Quran requires learning Tajweed Quran as well. It teaches us the correct method to pronounce Arabic letters so that our words sound and mean as they are meant to. One major Sin is misinterpreting the verses of the Quran because of a mispronunciation of Allah’s (SWT) words.

Online Quran Tutor at Freelance Working Institute (FWI) offers a Free course to Learn Tajweed for Beginners in Urdu since it is obligatory for all Muslims to study the Quran using Tajweed.

First Step Toward Learning Tajweed Is a Sincere Desire

Sincere Desire leads you to achieve your goal and achieve your aim. Having the purpose of pleasing Allah as the motivation for learning the Quran is one of the essential advice for beginners learning Tajweed (SWT). As Muslims, We believe in the declaration of Muhammad, the prophet (PBUH)

Download Free Tajweed Guide Book

Each man will achieve his goals since karma is based on his intentions (niyyah). Thus, whoever’s motivation for migrating (hijrah) was Allah and His Messenger will be considered a migrant to Allah and His Messenger, but whoever’s motivation was anything material, like gaining wealth or finding a spouse, will be regarded as a migrant to that item.

Online Tajweed Classes free, Learn Tajweed by yourself with online Quran tutor

As a result, a Muslim’s good action must be motivated only by a sincere desire to please Allah (SWT). So, resolve to begin learning Tajweed with the end goal of reciting the Quran accurately in the manner in which it was transmitted from the prophet (PBUH).

So, What should you do? Put a sincere effort to pray and supplicate to Allah the Almighty for help mastering Tajweed. We hope this will make your time studying the Quran much more pleasant.

Maintain a Regular Schedule of Studying Tajweed

The quickest way to master something is via consistent and constant practice. So, if you’re just starting and want to learn Tajweed Quran or become a Hafiz of the Quran, the only thing that will make it a reality is lots and lots of practice.

The only thing that would cement all you learn in online Quran sessions with a Quran teacher is doing the Quran. So, make time in your busy schedule to work on Tajweed Quran. The quality of your Quran recital will increase dramatically as time goes on.

Learn Tajweed Step-by-Step For Beginners

Only attempt to absorb a little information simultaneously. It’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed in such a situation. The ability to modify and personalize one’s Quran study at will is a significant advantage of online Quran classes. The first thing the online Quran instructor does is determine where you currently are regarding your ability to recite the Quran correctly. The instructor then develops the course outline, learning objectives, and assessment criteria based on the evaluation results.

The foundation of Tajweed is a firm grasp of the Arabic script and its myriad variants of pronunciation. For this stage, Quran scholars typically use the Noorani Qaida book, which follows the same systematic progression of teachings and exercises.

After learning the Arabic alphabet from the Noorani Qaida, pronouncing the words from the Quran becomes much less of a challenge. Knowing this helps with many other parts of Tajweed, such as articulation points and letter features.

Hire a Quran Tajweed Teacher

If you are a beginner learning Tajweed, it is best to have a qualified Quran teacher guide, direct, and monitor your progress. Find a knowledgeable online Quran tutor to help you learn tajweed rules,  proper pronunciation, letter articulation, sound distinction, etc.

Now, Islamic sisters can also learn Tajweed with a female Quran tutor online at FWI. You may trust her to guide you through each stage, from beginner to expert. In addition, the Quran instructor will listen to your recitation, evaluate your progress, and provide consistent corrections until you have mastered the linguistic rules of Quran Tajweed.

Female Quran tutor, Female tajweed teacher, Oline Quran teacher, Tajweed free classes

Finding a Quran teacher or school close by if you don’t speak Arabic could be an uphill battle. Learning the Quran from a qualified online Quran instructor is the best option here. There are many great options for finding a Quran instructor for yourself or your children. They are either independent contractors for a website dedicated to learning the Quran or full-time employees of such a site.

Hear the Qur’an Lesson with the correct pronunciation of Tajweed

Listening to as much Quran recitation with Tajweed as feasible is recommended for beginners whose mother language is not Arabic. Repeatedly play the recording of the recitation on your TV, computer, or mobile device to get the hang of saying it correctly.

hear Quran online, Learn Tajweed free online, Learn tajweed classes

In addition, hearing the Quran and read Quran aloud is itself a sunnah. And it is possible that Allah (SWT) would bless you for doing so. According to Allah’s statement: So, pay attention when the Qur’an is being recited so that you might be forgiven.

Hearing the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters will help you master Tajweed even if you don’t comprehend the recitation. Pronunciation instruction is more effective than reading instruction alone for teaching new words.

Acquire a Solid Grounding in the Theory and Practice of Tajweed

Learning Tajweed Theoretically involves studying the tenets of Tajweed but not learning how to recite the Quran in a Tajweed manner. This course focuses on practicing the Tajweed phonetic principles to accurately read and recite the Arabic Quran.

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Learning Tajweed at Freelance Working Institute (FWI) requires the study of the subject from both a theoretical and a practical angle. It’s important to distinguish between tajweed and other forms of dialectal variation. It includes the timing of syllables, the clarity of expressions, and how particular letters alter the delivery of a word—all of which are crucial to the effective recitation of the holy Quran.

Learn the Intention Behind Selected Quranic Passages

Get to know the contexts and meanings of verses you are reading!. Learn how to read the Quran in Arabic accurately by utilizing Tajweed criteria. A lack of comprehension hinders one’s ability to learn effectively.

When you fully grasp the material, you’ll be able to learn it by heart and use it whenever necessary. If you want to know the meaning of certain verses in the Quran, you can consult a tafsir book, a Mushaf with concise Tafseer, or a Quran instructor.

Take Tajweed Classes to Learn Tajweed 

Freelance Work Institute Offers a Free Tajweed Ul Quran Course Online in Urdu. What will you learn in this course? The laws of Tajweed, including the qualities and articulation of the Quran’s letters, will be taught in this course. All this and more will be introduced to you through lectures rich in Quranic examples and regular, in-the-field recitations of the Holy Book.

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FREELANCE WORKING INSTITUTE is the best option if you want to learn the Quran and do an entire Tajweed course online. You will learn the Tajweed rules and how to apply them to your recitation of the Quran in every class. Moreover, thanks to a recording system set up for each type, you may review everything you’ve learned about Tajweed at any time.

Obtain your Ijazah for Tajweed Quran

An ijazah is a certificate granted by someone with permission to communicate a specific text or subject. The recipient of an Ijazah in Tajweed may confidently recite the Quran in its proper Tajweed form in front of an audience. They may learn to recite the Quran correctly using the Tajweed system, which traces its lineage back to the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

At Freelance Working Institute (FWI), we provide online Ijazah in Tajweed Quran to those who can demonstrate that they have mastered the rules of Tajweed and can recite the whole Quran with proper pronunciation and etiquette in front of an Ijazah-approved trainer.

Share Your Knowledge of Tajweed with Others

Teach Tajweed Quran to others by becoming a physical or online Tajweed teacher. If you want to teach Quran to others about how to recite the Quran correctly (using Tajweed), you need first to obtain the Ijazah in Tajweed Quran. That’s a terrific method to learn Tajweed and always remember it, and it’ll also help you gain good karma.

The Prophet (PBUH) said:

Those Muslims who take the time to study the Qur’an and then share what they’ve learned with others, They are the best among you.

If you’re still a student of the Quran, teaching Tajweed to others is a great way to accelerate your progress. The psychological term “Protégé Effect,” which describes how imparting knowledge to others may improve one’s understanding of the subject. This advice can help you learn more efficiently by boosting your confidence in your ability, and your enthusiasm for studying the Quran.

Teaching Tajweed to others may strengthen your communication and self-assurance. In addition,it also helps you master Tajweed for reciting the Quran.

Final Words

Want to learn tajweed by yourself with an online Tajweed Tutor? OR Are you Interested in learning more about Online Quran Tajweed Classes for your children? You may learn all about Tajweed, the Holy Book of Allah, by enrolling in Free Online Tajweed Classes with FWI. With our institute, you may learn the Quran in an engaging and systematic way.

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Seeking out Quran tutoring for your children online might be difficult. Now, Every Muslim can learn proper Arabic pronunciation and recitation of the Quran with FWI’s online Tajweed lessons for kids and adults. Educate your kids online using FWI’s extensive library of educational content.

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