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Freelance Working Institute (FWI) is well organized and trusted platform for learning freelancing skills. We are a leading worldwide enterprise and your business success challengers in Pakistan. Also, we have been working in LMS for 10+ years with a well-known name in teaching online courses with free certificates and appreciated for flawless and high-class liturgies to our students.

Moreover, we have experts and certified teachers for providing you a better experience of freelancing highly. They enable you to succeed in your career and ensure your dreams come true for being a great businessman.

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Freelance Working Institute was launched in 2014 and now it has become broad network with 25+ Professional teachers. We offer highly Professional online courses for freelancing in Pakistan 

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Our Vision

Main Goal

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

Our primary goal is to explore new ideas to help you all grow monetarily without stepping out and help others learn to get financial independence. After learning new and popular freelancing skills, you will be able to support your Family, Education, and Generate assets.

So, we hope this teaching journey and being taught will continue as the never-ending cool breeze that boosts up the inner of you to make a difference in your life. So, Don’t Miss Out on Opportunities! Enroll Now in FWI online courses that can get you a job of your choice and Say hello to a bright future!

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance Working Institute (FWI) is an online courses platform where both males and females can learn any freelancing skill by joining our online classes. We’ve been working as the best academy for teaching online courses in Pakistan and India for over 10 years. In addition to teaching, we’ve been providing online jobs to our students for over five years. Our primary goal is to enable our Youth to get freelancing skills and make money online.

We offer more than 15 online courses to help Pakistani Youth become expert freelancers in Pakistan and other countries. Our online freelancing courses include Content Writing Course, WordPress Course, Google AdSense Course, YouTube Domination Course, SEO Course, Video Editing Course, Graphic Design Course, etc. All these courses are available in Urdu or Hindi, designed by well-qualified and expert teachers.

It’s the essential question of how we teach or how we can you take online classes after enrolling in an online course at FWI!
The answer lies that we’ve video-based Recorded Lectures along with a learning dashboard for every student on our website. After enrollment, students have to wait to start the session. One day before the session starts, we provide every student with login details of their profiles or learning dashboard on our website. In addition, we created a WhatsApp Group of all students enrolled in a specific course. Mentor of a specific course sends lecture Link daily in WhatsApp group in the morning. Group Setting remains closed all the time except for one hour. Yes, your teacher opens the group chat settings in the evening at specific decided timing to let the students ask questions about todays or previous lectures about which you’ve confused. After clearing students’ queries, the instructor again changes the group setting. The exact process is repeated daily till the end of the course.

We’ve 25+ male and female online teachers who are certified and experienced in teaching every lesson online. We’ve arranged those Instructors here who have complete expertise in the skills they’re going to teach. In addition, they’ve shared a lot of tips and tricks in their designed lectures according to their experience.

The fee submission criteria are simple as we’re offering our services only in Pakistan. So, we let our students submit fees via JazzCash or Easypaisa. The simple procedure is to contact our FWI Registration WHATSAPP Number, which is 03245984533. One of our team members will respond to you. You may ask them any questions to clear your queries about our Institute. After satisfaction, you can ask for an Account Number to submit your Fee for any course. Our team members will send you bank account details, JazzCash or Easypaisa. You can transfer your amount to that number.

Some students are usually busy during learning courses due to their exams or other activities. Don’t worry! If you’re busy with some activity and want to get a break between courses, you may ask your teacher to freeze your session. They will note your reason and add you in the next session.

Yes, We also provide online Jobs to our students. Those students who’ve learned from our Institute (Freelance Working Institute) will get online jobs, including Content Writing jobs and other marketing jobs, etc. These jobs are only for our FWI students, not for outsiders.

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