Learn popular freelancing skills through our paid and free online courses with a free certificate in Pakistan to start your own business.

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FWI offers popular online courses that enable you to stand out financially and start to earn as soon as possible! In our courses, every course detail is tutored to you from A-Z. Although you’re a beginner, you may be able to understand freelancing once in our few days.


Let’s know our experience for your satisfaction! We have been honored to be working as the best online courses Academy for the past 15 years. We offer popular freelancing  courses with free certificates in Pakistan. Our +25 expertise online teachers guarantee your success in freelancing.

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We have succeeded in educating 5000+ students with our free and paid online courses for freelancing in Pakistan. Now, our certified students are working and earning online on different freelancing platforms internationally. We aim to enable our students to be proficient in their interested freelancing skills and stand out with top freelancers worldwide.


Get a Free Certificate by learning popular online courses of freelancing skills from Freelance Working Institute (FWI). We not only issue online certificates but also provide RESUME for  to our students. Our students will get online certificates in pdf form, which will help you ensure your clients’ expertise on different platforms.

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As we know, today’s world is changed into a world of technology. Every person needs IT tools for starting a business. Don’t worry if you want to start your business at home with a bit of skill, but you don’t have any freelancing skills! You’ve come to the right place! Meet us! 

Our institute, Freelance Working Institute (FWI), is a learning platform that provides online courses with a free certificate in Pakistan and enables you to earn online at home. Stand out in an online business is very difficult; you must be a professional freelancer to succeed in this field.

If you are serious with yourself, then don’t waste your time! Start your online business by learning a lot of beneficial skills at our platform! We certainly enable you to become a perfect freelancer!

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At FWI, you will find cooperative instructors with good communication skills who lead you in a very polite and friendly manner and guide you about what you need.

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Here, you will learn online courses that can get you jobs and become an expert in top freelancing skills without going anywhere from our platform named Freelance Working Institute.

Professional Certification

At FWI, we provide our students with a professional certificate in Pakistan and a resume that will help them get a job on different freelancing platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely Yes! We provide three kinds of jobs to our enrolled students. After learning online courses from Freelance Working Institute (FWI), you can do a Marketing Job and earn money online through Freelance Working Institute. Secondly, we also provide online Teaching jobs such as becoming an online teacher at Freelance Working Institute. Plus, we also offer Content Writing Jobs for our enrolled students in a content writing course.

All online courses contain video-based lectures, Quizzes, and assignments for practical training. Plus, we provide you with live chat support and a batch discussion group on WhatsApp where you can freely ask questions and clear your queries from your online tutor.

Yes, We will provide you with lifetime access to once-time enrolled online courses for freelancing. As you will learn from Recorded video-based lectures, that will not be expired and available for a lifetime in your login account. So, you can revise your lesson from these lectures again at any time when you need. Plus, you will be notified of each new update in your course by FWI.

Contact at our Registration number as +923245984533 on WhatsApp. One of our agents will respond to you within 24 hours. They will send you a Registration link through which you can register on FWI. Plus, our agent will adequately guide you with a recorded video on the method of Registration.

Contact at Registration Number on WhatsApp. One of our team members will send your g-mail along with a password. Using that Gmail and password, you will log in to our website and get your enrolled online courses in your FWI Profile.

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I had a great experience with FWI. Awe-inspiring way of teaching. Everything is explained straightforwardly. Thank you so much for providing us with such a great opportunity in a short time. Best wishes for FWI☺️
Tehreem Zafar
Saying thank you is not enough to show how much I value everything about you. Thank you for gives us a lot of information about FWI. I owe you thanks for all the days you have been by us. Here is a little thank you message from me to you share your experience with practical.
Ahmad Malik
FWI Result
A freelancing working institute is a place where I learned a lot 🥰 Their methods of teaching and especially group discussions provided a lot of help to me .😍 My teacher helped me in every step where I faced difficulties❤️ My mam is kind-hearted and very, very good teacher 🥰🥰 In short, I got much more information from FWI😇. Regards:Iqra M.Ramzan
Iqra Ramzan
I think it was excellent. All the lectures are reasonable and clearly explained.
Malik Ibtisam
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