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Join us and Become an instructor at Freelance Working Institute! Introduce your own online course for which is not already available at our site and get paid.

If you want to teach online courses in Urdu/Hindi, then join us!

become online teacher

Yes! You can get an instructor job at Freelance Working Institute (FWI by introducing your online Course related to any freelancing skill. You can’t become an instructor of those online courses already taught on our platform by another online teacher.

Requirements for becoming a teacher at FWI

To become a teacher at FWI, you need to be experienced in the skill you will teach at our platform. Besides, it would help if you held a degree in your expertise from a certified institute. Also, you must be confident, cooperative, punctual with good communication skills. You can teach in two ways; either live online classes at Zoom/Skype or Recorded video-based lectures at our platform. If you deliver an online recorded course, your lessons must be interactive, easily accessible, and have HD pixel quality.

What is the payment policy?

Our criteria for an instructor job is to upload either paid or free online Courses on our platform. If you have to conduct a paid Course on our platform, FWI will get 10% from your course fee to provide a Certificate, Resume, and student ID, while the remaining fee payment will be yours!

What do we do?

We will provide our FWI Students with membership cards, certificates, Resumes related to your Course. Besides, we will advertise your online Course on different social sites to increase your students.

How to Apply?

After completing all the above requirements of instructor job at FWI, you can apply for a job by just filling contact form below;

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