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Learn online courses with free certificate in Pakistan to get freelancing skills in demand for starting your own business.

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Freelance Working Institute is an online learning platform that provides paid and free online courses with certificates in Pakistan. At FWI, you will learn freelancing skills online, which are in high demand in the freelancing market. Join our online courses that can you get a job and earn money online from home.

Content Writing Course Online in Pakistan || Enroll Now and Get Free 2021 Certificate Here
Are you looking for a trusted site for the content writing course in a short period? One of the best...
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Graphic Design Course online || Enroll Now And Get Free 2021 Certificate Here
Are you looking for the best online graphic design course in Pakistan? You’ve come to the right hourly!...
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WordPress Online Course
If you want to learn WordPress online courses in Urdu/Hindi language, then stay here! We are the best...
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Email Marketing Course Online Updated in 2023
Email marketing is the most in-demand freelancing skill in digital marketing. So, if you want to start...
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FREE Tajweed Course Online in Urdu
Learn Tajweed online for free! Are you looking for a Quran website for learning the Tajweed course online,...
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Facebook Ads Course
FWI Facebook Ads Course is the best freelancing online course to teach you all about Facebook Ad campaigns...
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Landing Page Course online
Welcome to the FWI landing page course online! If you are an online marketer or advertiser and want to...
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Google Ads Course in Urdu
Do you want to learn the best Google Ads course online in Urdu with a Google Adword expert tutor? Stay...
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SEO Course online in Hindi/Urdu
Still unsure about the importance of an SEO course online? Let’s learn with us! Welcome to the...
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Free YouTube Course online: Learn How to Grow YouTube Channel Fast
Learn how to grow your YouTube channel with a professional tutor in our YouTube course online! Success...
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Amazon Business Course - Amazon Virtual Assistant Course Online Free
As we know, Amazon is growing daily, and now, it has become the biggest E-commerce website worldwide....
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Lead Generation Course Online - Facebook Lead Generation Ad and Facebook Conversion Ad
Want to reach your targeted audience? Lead Generation is the best option to reach the targeted community...
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Google AdSense Course online || Enroll Now and Get Free Certificate Here
Start your own business and Make Money through Google AdSense! Are you a beginner and do not have a website?...
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Basic Video Editing Course Online || Enroll Now and Get 2021 Free Certificate Here
Join the Basic Video Editing Course and learn How to create and edit a professional video! People attract...
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Popular online courses To Become Freelancers 

Want to earn online? Do you aim for Freelancing? Freelancing is increasing daily, and Pakistan ranks 4th for Freelancing. People who are unemployed and want to make money online should learn the online freelancing course! Which courses should you learn? Here you can explore the best online courses to become Freelancers! 

Learn Freelancing Courses online in Pakistan 

Now, you can also become a freelancer by learning online freelancing courses for free. Freelance Working Institute (FWI) is an online platform that provides online freelancing training to people. We’ve taught Freelancing to thousands of students for about 10 years.

Due to our 25+ experts and experienced online instructors, we’ve become the best online training platform for Freelancing. So, you can also become a member of the FWI family by enrolling in an online freelancing course in Pakistan. 

Who can learn Freelance Courses online? 

Both educated and uneducated people can learn online courses to become freelancers at FWI. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve any educational degree or not. You can learn Freelancing. You have a little bit of knowledge of using mobile or computer. You can become a freelancer after learning FWI online freelancing course.   

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Popular Freelancing Courses List 

Above, we’ve listed the most popular freelancing courses worldwide. These are online freelancing courses that are in demand all over the world—for example, the Content Writing Course. Every online platform needs keywords enriched content for its SEO. Therefore, there’s a lot of work for content writers. 

In addition, Amazon Virtual Assistant Course has a lot of international scopes. Amazon’s website has great stat in the USA, UK, and other foreign marketplaces. They hire Amazon Virtual Assistant at a very good price rate.

So, you can earn a handsome income living in Pakistan. If you learn Amazon Business Course online at FWI, you can become successful freelancers on international freelancing platforms. 

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Short Term Courses for Freelancing 

If you want to earn online as soon as possible, you can learn short-duration courses for Freelancing at Freelance Working Institute. We’ve more than five online courses to become Freelancers fast, such as 

  • 20 days Content Writing Course, 
  • 25 Days Amazon Business Course, 
  • 1-week basic Video Editing Course, 
  • 15 Days Email Marketing Course, 
  • 15 Days Lead Generation Course, 
  • 20 Days Landing Page Course 
  • 25 Days Google Adsense Course

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Why learn online courses from Freelance Working Institute? 

Here are some reasons to learn online freelancing courses from Freelance Working Institute:  Have a look! 

✓ Updated Content: All online courses are designed with updated content. 

✓ Qualified Tutors: We’ve highly qualified and experienced online tutors to teach freelancing skills. 

✓ Customer Support: Our dedicated FWI teams respond quickly and guide our visitors with the best possible suggestions. 

✓ Lifetime Access: We’ve video-based lectures with lifetime Access to every FWI Student. 

✓ Official Free Certificate: We provide official Certificate and resume to our students. 

✓ Interactive Learning: Our designed online freelancing courses are interactive due to advanced and conventional techniques. 

✓ Easy to Use Interface: The learning interface (student dashboard to take a daily lecture from the website) is very simple and easy.

✓ Practical Training & Assessment: We’ve included practical training work and assessment Systems to ensure good practice for our students. 

Freelancing Jobs: We also provide online freelancing jobs to our brilliant students. In addition, we recommend our good scoring students to different clients for online work. 

✓ 100% Guarantee: FWI gives a 100% guarantee for enrolled students that they’ll become experts in their selected skills. 

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a beginner, you should first learn Freelancing Course through which you will come to know all about “What is Freelancing?” Once, you will know what is Freelancing then choose a Specific skill in which you want to be an expert. Choose one of the FWI online courses given above and start learning today!

Every online Freelancing skill given above has its own vast scope if you are passionate, dedicated, and hardworking in that skill. If you want to become a successful freelancer, we usually recommend the top 3 online courses to visitors including Content writing Course, WordPress Course, and SEO Course for freelancing. These three courses are perfect to become a successful freelancer. But if you want to start your own business and make money online then you must learn FWI Google AdSense Course, Basic video editing course, YouTube Course and Amazon Business Course. 

Yes! We offer Freelancing jobs for some courses but not for all courses. FWI prefers its own students to hire for any kind of online work. FWI students will get Content Writing Jobs in two cases; First, we hire them for FWI website content. second, we recommend some clients to our well-performed students. In addition, we provide Marketing jobs, video Editing jobs, online teaching etc.

If you want to become a freelancer internationally, you can choose an FWI Content writing Course, SEO Course, Social Media Marketing course, Email Marketing Course, and WordPress Course. 

  1. Content Writing Course (Why?)
  2. Web designing (Why?)
  3. SEO Course (Why?)
  4. Social Media Marketing (Why?)
  5. Video editing (Why?)
  6. Graphic designing (Why?)

At Freelance Working Institute, you can learn online courses for free including Free Quran Tajweed Course online and the Basic Video Editing course Free. Basic Video Editing Course is Free if you have already enrolled in FWI Google AdSense Course. 

Once, you will get enrolled in FWI online courses, we don’t leave you until you will get expert in that skill. In addition, we have high qualified and project-winning freelancers as mentors who teach you all tips and trick on how to get hired at first by your client. Whatever the freelancing platform, you will become a successful freelancer.

The easiest freelancing course is the Content writing course if you are graduate or an intermediate student. But if you are not highly educated,we recommend for beginners learn the Basic Video Editing course at FWI which is the easiest course for freelancing. once, you will learn basic tactics of a skill and get the experience of freelancing, you may progress to the advanced step. 

Content Writing Course, WordPress Course, SEO Course, amazon virtual Assistant course,  and Digital Marketing course are the online courses now in demand for freelancing. Register yourself to learn these courses from Freelance Working institute.


Freelance Working Institute offers online freelancing courses in Urdu, which highly qualified and experienced mentors design. We not only teach freelancing skills but also lt our students to do practical work. Such valuable training, assignments, and quizzes enable our students to become experts in specific freelancing skills.

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