Best FreelancingCourse for Intermediate students

Best freelancing Course For Intermediate Students

Best Freelancing Course

Most people are beginners and don’t know anything about Freelancing. They usually remain confused in choosing a freelancing course at first. Now, they don’t need to worry.

Our experts, through their research analysis, have come up with the best possible suggestion for those students who’ve become free from intermediate exams. This article will explain the best Freelancing Course Online Free for 12th students. Let’s start! 

Don’t waste your Vacations.

If you’ve taken the 12th exam and are free, don’t waste your time. Take advantage of these vacations and learn any Freelancing Skills. You will listen to such advice from your friends, relatives, and others. But no one says which skill you should learn for Freelancing. 

Most students make their minds to learn Freelancing for online earning in Summer Vacations after Intermediate. However, still, they remain confused about which Freelance training course is the best online course after the 12th.

If you’ve reached this site, your 99% problem is solved, and you’ll get the right path in your free time after Intermediate. 

What should I do after the Intermediate exams? 

After the 12th exams, you don’t have to be free and don’t need to waste your time. You usually have 4-5 months Free after Intermediate. During this period, you can learn any Freelancing Course on, line, or physically. An online freelancing course is better than a physical freelancing course. 

Online Freelancing Course Vs. Physical Freelancing Course

Best Freelancing Course for everyone, online vs Physical freelancing course online

Online Freelancing Course has become popular as compared to physical freelancing classes. How? The reasons for the effectiveness of online Freelance training course is explained below: 

Online Freelancing Course 

Physical Freelancing Course 

You’ll not have to face Transport problems and Fares expenses. 

You’ll have to pay a lot for transport fares and other expenses. 

Recorded lectures with lifetime Access (online lectures will be saved in your profile for a lifetime. Plus, you can directly contact on WhatsApp to ask anything related to the freelancing course.) 

Probability of Lecture missing (If you may be absent any day, you’ll miss out on that lecture delivered in a physical class. 

Comfort and no hesitation 

FWI Teacher’s WhatsApp number is provided to FWI students through which they can clear any query via text, audio, or video call. 

Uncomfortable and hesitant while asking questions or clearing confusion in front of all students in Physical class. You can miss out on some concepts of learning. 

More Practical Training with screen recording video and less Theoretical work.  

More Theoretical Work and Average Practical Training using a projector. 

Assessment includes Assignments + a digital Quiz after every week to practice at home. 

Assessment includes Final Exam (mostly)

International Certification 

Local Certification 

Reasonable Fee (fewer fee charges)

High Fee charges 

Best Freelancing Course for Intermediate Students

Although, students who have completed intermediate study can learn from the following freelancing courses list. The first is a Content Writing Course for those whose English is good. The second one is Amazon Virtual Assistant Course and WordPress Course for those who think their English level is not good.

Which Freelancing course is Best For Beginners?

You can learn any one course from both of these because these are the skill through which you can start earning immediately. You can start online earning through Freelancing exactly after course completion. 

1. Content Writing Course

Best freelancing course after intermediate

Content Writing Course includes the Training of writing content online in which you’ll learn how to create unique content for websites, blog posts, social media, and not her platforms. You can learn this freelancing course from Freelance Working Institute (FWI). Benefits of Content Writing Course for Students 

  • No laptop is needed; you can learn and do content Writing on Mobile.
  • Reasonable Fee 
  • Short Duration
  • Practical Training with Screen Recording feature.
  • Assessment includes quizzes & Assignments for better Practice. 
  • Get Marketing Jobs + Content Writing Jobs at the end of The course from FWI. 
  • Daily Topic Discussion 
  • Recorded lectures with lifetime Access

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2. Amazon Business Course

Best Freelancing course for students, Amazon Virtual Assistant course

If you’re not well-educated but still want to do Freelancing, then choose Amazon Virtual Assistant Course (Amazon Business Course) offered by Freelance Working Institute (FWI).

FWI is an online website that offers more than fifteen online freelancing courses for students of all ages. Also, it offers this freelancing course online free of cost with little Registration Fee. Hundreds of students have learned at FWI and got freelancing jobs on different freelancing platforms. Benefits of Amazon Business Course or Amazon Virtual Assistant Course are

    • Designed for Beginners
    • Easy and Simple way of teaching 
    • Practical Training with recorded screen
    • Daily Topic Discussion 
    • Recorded lectures with lifetime Access
    • Assessment after every 4 lectures
    • Quiz and Subjective Q/A test
    • Free of cost +  Registration Fee. 

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3. WordPress Course 

Best freelancing course online for beginners, WordPress Course online

You can also learn WordPress Course, which includes website design terms training. This course teaches you how to design a WordPress-installed Website and other related terms.

Freelance Working Institute is offering this course in the Urdu Language for 1000pkr. Enroll now to become an expert in WordPress. The benefits of the WordPress Course are 

    • Easy and Simple way of learning
    • Designed as Basic to Advanced level
    • Practical Training
    • Assessment for better understanding
    • Assignments for better Practice
    • Subjective Q/A and Quiz tests
    • Daily Topic Discussion 
    • Recorded lectures with lifetime Access 

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Where can I learn Freelancing Course in Pakistan? 

Are you looking for a freelancing course near me? Many websites offer online Freelancing courses in Pakistan, but you should choose the institute that will not waste your time and money. And one of the best freelance learning platforms in Pakistan is Freelance Working Institute which values your money and time.

FWI offers top in-demand freelancing courses in Pakistan free and designed for beginners by well-qualified and experienced instructors. This institute not only guarantees to make you a successful freelancer but also provides jobs to FWI students.

Some courses are free of cost, and some are paid. And paid courses are of a very reasonable price that everyone can afford. Invest a little amount and earn a lot of income for life. Join FWI Now to have a great experience! 

Is Freelancing Course available at FWI? 

FWI doesn’t offer freelancing courses separately. Instead, we ask people to learn a freelancing skill at FWI, in which you’ll get all Training about freelancing skills and learn how to do Freelancing using that specific skill. 

For example, suppose you’ll learn a Content Writing Course from FWI. In that case, this course not only includes content writing training but also we’ve included Content Writing Training + Freelancing Training that will help you to learn both things in a short time compared to learning separately. The same is the case with every google freelancing course at FWI. 

How much does a freelancing course at FWI? 

Each Freelancing course fee is available at a very reasonable price that everyone can afford. You can learn 15+ online freelancing courses at FWI for Rs.1500. There’s a 25% Freelancing Course Fee for FWI students. Also, 50% off for three students relative to each other. (Siblings or cousins). 

What does FWI offer other freelancing courses? (Freelancing Courses List)

The Freelancing courses list offered by Freelance Working Institute includes

  • SEO Course 
  • Content Writing Course
  • Amazon Virtual Assistant Course 
  • WordPress course
  • Landing Page Course 
  • YouTube course
  • Email Marketing Course 
  • Facebook Ads Course 
  • Google Ads Course
  • Google AdSense Course
  • Tajweed-Ul-Quran Course
  • Basic Video Editing Course
  • Shopify Dropshipping Course
  • Lead Generation Course 

You can also learn these courses after learning Amazon Business Course, Content Writing Course, and WordPress because these two courses are best for beginners.

For the above course, you need to have some previous knowledge of some important terms. For example, you should have knowledge of WordPress for learning SEO. So, first, learn WordPress course, then learn SEO course online. 


For students who’ve become free from 12th exams and want to learn a freelancing course, three freelancing courses are the best option for them to learn and start freelancing during their vacations. We’ve explained those three Freelancing courses above. 

The first one is the Content Writing Course designed for those who don’t have a laptop; they can learn and do online work on mobile. Also, it’s for those who have a good English writing level. The two best freelancing courses for 12th students are Amazon Virtual Assistant Course and WordPress Course. 

Learning online is better than physical classes because you can save from many transport issues and other expenses. After learning any one of these, you can utilize your vacations in the best way by sitting at home. You’ll realize that you’ve not wasted your time. 

Dear Students! It’s a great opportunity to utilize your golden period and learn any Freelancing course online at Freelance Working Institute! 

Special Offer for 12th Students in Freelancing Course 

If you’re an intermediate student looking for a free freelancing course online, FWI is giving 25% off in actual fee for a freelancing course. If you learn one course at FWI, you’ll get 25% off, but if you have to enroll in more than one course, you’ll not get 25% off in the second course. You’ll get 25% off in one freelancing course at FWI. 

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