Myths and facts about Freelancing

5 Common Myths & Facts about Freelancing in 2023

Is freelancing a scam? Is it a waste of time? Does Freelancing affect health? Are you a beginner in the freelancing profession? Do you fear joining freelancing? If yes! Stay here to know the top common myths and facts about Freelancing!

People usually hear rumors about freelancing. In this post, you’ll read not only myths about freelancing but also know the facts and truth about freelancing. Let’s clarify what myths that are true and which are wrong about it so that you can learn freelancing today! 

5 Myths and Facts about Freelancing

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Here are common myths and related facts about freelancing as follows:

Myth # 1: 24 hours of work

Usually, people say one of the common facts about freelancing is that freelancers must be active 24 hours. They can’t enjoy healthy sleep. This myth is valid, but it doesn’t have a 100% reality. 

Fact about Freelancing: 

Freelancers are freely independent. They can take on projects according to their available time. If they want to enjoy healthy sleep at night, they can apply for that jobs that are feasible for them during the daytime. It’s not mandatory to do work at night. Freelancers can do work on their available time. If you’re unavailable at night, you can tell your client I’ll work during the daytime. 

Myth # 2: Insecure Job 

It’s usually considered that freelancing is not a guaranteed job. You’ll have to do work for a limited time. But in the case of a physical job, which guarantees a lifetime job. Here you may be unemployed while you’ll not have projects from your client. 

Facts about Freelancing: 

This myth may also be proved wrong because we have seen that those who will provide perfect and outstanding work to their clients get more projects from them. In this way, they can make their freelancing professions a long-term job or even a lifetime by themselves. 

Myth # 3: Freelancing is a Scam 

Some people unaware of freelancing think that freelancing is a Scam or fraud. But there’s zero percent reality in this myth or rumor. Many people posts about how they get scammed by a person in online work. They do work but don’t get money. But getting scammed and freelancing is two opposite concepts. Let me clarify! 

Fact about Freelancing: 

Freelancing is not a fraudulent profession, but some people who are nasty bugs try to cheat people into freelancing. Innocent people trust unknown clients and work before getting payment security or any solid proof to be paid after work. In that case, people think that freelancing is wrong.

If you are clever, then you should not trust anyone. Instead, ask them to pay you in advance or show them a screenshot (blurred or some part) of your work after completion. When they pay you, you can send work to him. In this way, you’ll never get scammed in Freelancing. 

Myth # 4: It spoils health

Many argue that freelancing is just using a laptop / PC and mobile phone. It may affect our health, like weak eyesight, drowsiness, imbalance in sleep, irregular diet, dark circles, etc. Freelancing affects not only our physical health but also affects our mental health. People who become too busy in their freelancing work tend to become arrogant.

Fact about Freelancing: 

It may be accurate, but if you’re a man of rule, you can also maintain your health. We’ve seen many freelancers who are enjoying a good state of health and happiness. You should make a schedule in which you have to set time for every activity of your life. Live your lifestyle According to that schedule. Those who don’t have a proper lifestyle planner or don’t follow it can suffer from health issues. 

Myth # 5: Low-Income source

It’s an unbelievable rumor that freelancing is a low-paid profession. Some people believe that they did work but get paid very low. It usually happens in outsourcing work. For example, if a person receives an actual project from his client, he doesn’t do work on this project.

Instead, he hires another freelancer to do that work. He pays 50% or 75% to the second freelancer for that project. In this way, the second freelancer gets meager pay. Due to this reason, people think that freelancing should be paid more. 


If you’re new to freelancing, let me tell you that you’ve yet to learn how much you can earn through freelancing. Because freelancing lets you make it online, it has a lot of work worldwide.

You may be highly paid if you do not work on outsourcing projects and satisfy your client with your best-dedicated work. It’s optional to skip outsourcing work. If you’re a beginner, you must join outsourcing work to boost your skill, experience, etc.  

Final Thoughts

Now, it’s time to clear your mind here! You’ve read the top common myths about freelancing. Not only legends, but we also hope that you’ve read and understood facts about Freelancing. In addition, you can also visit more freelancing stats and facts. So, Don’t be afraid of myths and rumors about Freelancing. Instead, join the freelancing profession, and you’ll never be disappointed in this field.

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