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Top 20 AI Content Writing Tools Free For Content Writing in 2023

Are you fed up with writing content? Looking for the best AI content writing tools to complete your content writing work fast? Stay Here! 

This blog post will help you relax in your content writing profession. Yes! This article has included the top 10 AI content writing tools list. In addition to AI Article writing software lists, we’ll also add a complete guide, including the pros and cons of AI content writing and its effect on SEO ranking, etc., after profound research on these tools. Let’s explore this further!

What are AI Content Writing Tools?

Artificial intelligence writing tools, often called AI content writing tools, are software applications that create text according to user input. 

Content Writing software that uses artificial intelligence can be helpful if you often produce content for blog posts, website landing pages, product descriptions, advertisements, social media postings, video descriptions, and emails.

Using AI writing tools is quite beneficial for companies that engage in content marketing. The power of AI technology allows for the generation of literary material that resembles that produced by humans. 

Moreover, The writing done by AI cannot take the position of human writers. Instead, it is a productivity tool designed to help you get the most out of your work. Next, let’s go deeper into the specifics of how each of these tools performs its function.

How do the AI Content Writing Tools work?

Here’s the main gist! AI content-generating tools are analogous to how human writers research previously published content to generate new content. They usually search the internet for previously published information and collect data based on the directives provided by users. After that, they process the data and produce new information as output.

In other words, AI writing software is trained using various real-world data throughout its development. They become better at making natural products as they learn from the data provided to them. As a result of the fact that AI writing tools collect data from human beings, the work that is generated likewise turns out to be human-like.

After getting AI-written content, you can make further changes by yourself. For example, search essential keywords, and add Related keywords search, meta description, title tag, headings H1 to H#, and relent images within content.

Does Meta description essential for content? Exactly, a Meta Description is a catchy article caption of your article or writing that compels others to click it on Google and read about it.

Top 20 AI Content Writing Tools to Make Writing Easy

A content writer or freelance writer is an employed businessman who works as a contractor at his choice of work and money. Content writing takes time and a lot of effort to complete a single task. To manage his content writing work as quickly as possible, the writer can use AI content writing soft double his earnings double. 

So, if you are also a content writer with bulk content writing projects and want to complete them fast, please look at the Top AI content writing Tools (free). Explore them one by one because all are worthwhile.

Check the list of Free AI Content Writing Tools

1) QuillBot – Best free ai content generator

Quilbot - Best AI paraphrasing tool, Best Ai content writing tool

One of the best Paraphrasing tools for content writers is You can’t write automatically generated articles through this tool, but you can rewrite your desired content. This is why it will reduce the maximum error in range if you rewrite your selected content.

You may improve the quality and speed of your writing with the assistance of QuillBot, an AI-driven writing tool. It offers functions such as checking for grammatical errors, making suggestions for formatting, and providing access to a thesaurus. 

You can use it Free of Cost, but it’s limited to words in Free Version. You can rewrite, summarize, and expand content up to 125 words. To write more than 125 words, you’ve to buy its Premium plan. 

See Premium Quilbot Price. Overall, People can rewrite and improve their paragraphs, sentences, or articles with QuillBot’s primary function, which is a paraphrasing tool.

2) – Best AI SEO Writing Tool content writing tools, ai seo writing tool

If you want to rank your article on Google, you must have another best AI SEO Content Writing Tools, This brand-new tool employs artificial intelligence tools at the forefront of innovation to assist you in analyzing semantic keywords, writing articles focusing on search intent, and optimizing your content for significantly faster and more accurate search engine results. 

The most significant benefit comes from’s ability to merge its straightforward Google Doc-style editor with an innovative AI writing assistance driven by semantic keyword research using NLP. The system analyses every text you write compared to the other users’ works and supports more than one hundred languages.

3) Any word – Budget Friendly AI Writing Tool

Anyword Ai writing tool

Anyword is an AI copywriting tool powered by AI that assists marketers in targeting their messages specifically to the ideal audience for those messages. It creates and analyses copy for advertisements, social postings, email subject lines, home page copy, and more.

Anyword knows what works and converts because it strongly emphasizes the effectiveness of information copywriting. Each variant is assigned a Performance Analysis Score, which is a numerical value that provides an estimate of how well the variation will perform.

Anyword also provides access to more advanced functions, such as the capability to optimize the text on landing pages. Overall, any marketing agency and entrepreneur should create content for marketing.

4) The Chat GPT – Best AI Content Writing Tool

AI content Writing tool, Tool

The ChatGPT is a free Ai content writing tool that uses machine-learning algorithms to comprehend natural language input and produce similar responses to humans. ChatGPT, thanks to its extensive feature set, can be put to work for various purposes, including the production of conversations, the translation of languages, the summarising of information, and more.

ChatGPT also supports a wide variety of languages and contains a vast amount of text data, all of which contribute to the system’s ability to provide more natural and pertinent responses.

In contrast to, ChatGPT is not primarily concerned with search engine optimization (SEO) but rather with delivering an overall AI language model adaptable to various natural language processing (NLP) activities. 

5) INK – Flexible AI Content Writing Tool

INK Ai content Writing tool, AI writing Tools

INK is one the top AI content writing tools free online. More than fifty different templates are available on to assist you in content producer a template for whatever kind of content you require, so don’t worry about that. They have developed a clever extension for Google Chrome that enables you to write wherever you do your business, whether on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, or a Word Document.

Top 5 AI content writing Tools Free

6) NeuralText – Efficient AI writing Software

Neural text AI content Writing tools

If you are seeking a free AI content writer, this is an option that you should consider checking into. NeuralText is software that generates text manually by employing machine learning principles. It has found applications in various fields, including healthcare, training, and marketing, among others.

Journalists have also used the platform to write stories with the assistance of artificial intelligence. Natural language processing (NLP) has seen several significant advancements in recent years, each of which has contributed to an increase in the accuracy of this technology. Because the system is designed to learn from its data, it will become more effective as additional data is uploaded to its system.

Additionally, it discovers the very finest keywords to use automatically o boost your keyword density and attract a more significant number of prospective clients. By the way, it’s Free Forever.

Freelancers and sole proprietors can get started with a plan that costs $49 per month. The Pro plan costs $119 monthly and is designed for larger teams and more established businesses.

Overall, A highly effective content optimizer raises the overall quality of your writing. To construct a self-driving vehicle for the written word, Neural Text employs the same technology used for self-driving vehicles.

7) WriteSonic – Cheap AI Content Writing Tool content Writing tools

WriteSonic is the best answer for writers having trouble thinking of new ideas for their material and needing inspiration. The most fantastic thing about WriteSonic is that it has an email build tool, which allows it to send you a message via email with the content entirely written. 

The ai writing generator will also provide you with previously produced text, which you may include in your writing by employing it as an outline. Also, it can assist content marketers in overcoming writer’s block and connecting with their intended audience. You can generate material that is highly engaging, original, and intriguing, which can then be shared across a variety of social media platforms as a result of this. 

A free trial version is offered, and users of both PC and Mac computers can access it. But AI writing Tools pricing is $15.00 per month for a starter, 45 dollars per month for professionals, and $195.00 per month for the agency. Overall, WriteSonic is an artificial intelligence-powered tool that can produce one-of-a-kind information based on your preferences and requirements. It is pretty simple to use, and getting started is not difficult at all.

8) – top Ai Content writing Tool for Freelancers writing tool, AI content Writing Tools, Top 20 Content writing softwares

Jasper is an artificial intelligence writing tool that makes writing easier by proposing different types of sentences. Jasper has templates for various copywriting activities, such as creating blog articles, books, and Facebook ads. To assist you in avoiding inadvertently plagiarising the work of another person, Jasper also includes a plagiarism-checking add-on developed by Copyscape.

9) Co-Writer – free Ai Content Writing Tool

Co-writer writing tools, AI writing softwares

The co-writer is an artificial intelligence writing software developed specifically for business use. Providing training on the material that has performed the best enables teams to generate unique content that is in keeping with the parameters established for their brand. Utilizing Writer to automate creating and modifying content is possible, cutting down on the time and effort needed to produce content.

The co-writer is a Business – to – a business model compatible with SOC 2 and HIPAA and supports numerous teams simultaneously. A subscription service is offered for access to the platform.

18) Grammarly – Best AI Content Writing Tool

grammarly editing Tool, AI writing assistant tool

Grammarly is a groundbreaking artificial intelligence writing tool that you didn’t believe you needed, but in reality, you need it. Because it does not solely concentrate on grammar, it is an excellent artificial intelligence writing tool.

In addition to this, it analyses the general tone and style, making sure that the content is appropriate for the target demographic. It functions similarly to a spell check, except it checks everything you input.

Moreover, you can get assistance with your punctuation requirements and receive corrections. It also gives recommendations on style; the entire tone and style of your work could be improved.

If we talk about Grammarly Pricing, then it is also available for Free. For Grammarly Premium, Individuals pay a premium of $12.00 each month. If you want to buy Shared Grammarly  Premium Tool, it may cost less. Buy Now!

Overall, Grammarly stands out among the various AI writing tools presented on this page because it functions as your very own personal proofreader. It runs in the background and corrects your grammatical errors. It’s an incredible tool for ensuring content authors produce high-quality work.

11) LongShot – fast & easy to use Ai writing tool writer

LongShot AI is one of the best free ai writing tools to automate writing blog posts and other material. Both a free trial and a paid subscription are available. The program may generate material to meet various demands.

It ensures that the content generated is valid and available for LongShot with various well-known tools, including WordPress, Hubspot, Semrush, Ghost, Medium, etc.  You can also integrate AI into your workflows anyplace on the internet by using the LongShot Chrome Extension.

12) ProWritingAid – Best Ai Content Writing Software ai writing tool

A package with a grammar checker, a style editor, and a writing mentor all in one. You may enhance your writing skills and avoid making some of the most common errors that plague many authors by using the software provided by ProWritingAid. You can confidently communicate your ideas if the steps are straightforward and uncomplicated.

13) GetGenie – AI Content writing Software for beginners

GetGenie Ai writing tool

GetGenie AI provides a straightforward WordPress plugin that may take the role of 10 or more other apps thanks to its artificial intelligence capabilities. It provides capabilities such as SEO analysis, competitive analysis, and content writing supported by AI. There is an option for a free trial.

14) – Popular Ai Writing tool Free AI content writing tool

Frase reduces the time you spend researching, writing, and optimizing your content for the first page of Google from hours to minutes. It has evolved into a popular platform that provides a large number of intelligent templates that can assist you in completing a variety of various SEO jobs. And with their new topic research module, it has become an even more potent tool for saving content writers & SEOs valuable amounts of time.

15) – Top AI Writing Software AI writing tool

One of the best AI Content writing Tools is for freelance writers. Putting an end to staring at a blank page and discovering the power of an NLP-based text machine that delivers the text in seconds is an excellent tool for marketing on social media and via email. It is straightforward to employ. In addition, it will not only help you to generate unique content within seconds but also help you to get SEO-optimized content. So, use it if you want to complete your hours-taking project within seconds.

16) Sudowrite – Latest AI Content Writing Tool

Sudowrite AI writer

This Best free ai content generator will assist you in developing content, rewriting old content to be unique, expanding upon anything when you need additional words, and thinking creatively. It is regarded as one of the top artificial intelligence content-generating software and is simple to operate.

Sudowrite proposes your following content and gives the “escribe” option to go into a specific topic in greater depth. In addition, you can rewrite anything if you are unhappy with how it was executed or are entirely out of ideas with the Brainstorm feature of this tool.

You can buy it for $10 per month for hobbyists and students or $20 per month for professionals. This AI content writing tool costs a Maximum of $100/month. Overall, One of the artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools with the best design is Sudowrite. Anybody interested in creating content should try it, in my opinion.

17) Wordtune – Reasonable AI Content Writing Tool

Wordtune Ai writing tool

Wordtune is an artificial intelligence writing assistant that you can use on your favorite websites and apps, such as Facebook, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Gmail, and Twitter. Using the framework of your words and offering suggestions for superior alternatives is straightforward.

18) Hemingway – AI Content Editor

Hemingway Content writing Tool

The Hemingway Editor is software that facilitates more precise and more concise writing. It calls attention to parts of your work that are tough to read and provides advice on making those parts easier to understand. Hemingway Editor is used by a large number of copywriters and bloggers to help them enhance their writing.

3) AI-Writer – New AI Content writing Software

AI writer - content writing tool

AI-Writer is a free ai content generator that uses AI writing models to create articles based on a title. The headline is provided as the starting point for the articles. Users can sign up for a free trial before purchasing a subscription to continue using the product after evaluating its functionality. The content generated by AI-Writer is one of a kind, relevant, and optimized for search engines.

In addition, it offers a list of references that may be checked to confirm that the articles it publishes are accurate. In addition to that, it possesses a text rewording capability and a text editor optimized for SEO. In addition, the platform is equipped with a (sub)topic to find features and a content summary.

20) The GPT-3 developed by OpenAI

gpt3 ai writing tool, ai content writing tools

Most powerful AI Content Writing tools Free now available incorporate GPT 3 technology into their software to make it even more effective. OpenAI, which is making great strides forward in artificial intelligence, has developed a succession of algorithms, the most recent of which is GPT-3. Because it can generate writing that is virtually indistinguishable from language that a person produced, GPT-3 is a handy tool for authors.

6 Benefits of Using AI Content Writing Tools

Let’s look at the benefits of AI content Writing tools! 

> Save Your Time 

One of the best advantages of AI content Writing tools is that you can quickly manage your workload. Individuals can produce content quickly when they utilize AI writing tools.

If you are a student working with strict deadlines, they can do your research and write more accessible, allowing you to focus on other academic tasks, such as your studies and debates. Several pieces of AI software can imitate human writing styles, albeit with drawbacks, such as an absence of creativity. 

Despite this, they make it far simpler for academics to zero in on original subjects and compose without feeling mental tiredness and burnout in most circumstances. As a consequence of this, they get the opportunity to enhance their writing and content creation skills.

> Enhances the overall content quality. 

AI content Writing tools not only create unique content but also take content from different sources on Google. After getting little proofreading of unique content, you can get high-quality Content. No doubt, high-quality Content is not only the goal of every writer but also every client, whether they be students, bloggers, or members of cooperative bodies, respectively. 

As a result, they are continuously looking for efficient writing methods and resources to boost their productivity. The worth of the work produced by writers who use artificial intelligence technologies, particularly those that make suggestions on grammar and word choice based on context and syntax, is increased. 

They can produce subjects and ideas that will make their articles more attractive due to the resources. In addition, they can correct any spelling mistakes and provide content that is pertinent and simple to understand.

> Improves both the accuracy level of content.

Humans can make grammatical mistakes, but robots can’t. They write automatically grammatically improved content. Would you like to increase the readability of your writing and create more personalized content?

You can do it using AI writing tools. They can be used by those who make content, notably SEO copywriters, to boost engagement and optimize the range of search engines, allowing them to reach a broad audience. In addition, the use of AI technologies can assist writers in avoiding common pitfalls and producing work that is free of errors.

> Boosts efficiency and output.

Now, you can increase your writing efficiency with AI Content writing software. They can increase your pace, which frees up additional time for you to conduct further research, write, and engage in other fruitful activities.

In addition, you can sharpen your abilities, learn competitive search, and career guidelines, have the confidence to make something, make good use of social media, and, most crucially e-, business learning

> Flexibility

The best point of the best Ai content writing tools is that you can mold it according to your needs. These robots give you 2 to 3 suggestions to choose a title, intro, Outline, etc. Writing tools powered by AI are adaptable and can be employed in various settings and situations. 

> Earning from AI Content writing

Here’s the main gist, you can make money online by using Free AI Content writing tools. Initially, it is not about rates; it’s about searching and attaching with clients. Later on, when you have clients, you can bargain about rates. It should not be considered to earn dollars at night. Start taking baby steps. 

Drawbacks of Using AI-Based Writing Tools

Even if you can quickly make articles generated by AI, you should give it some serious consideration before posting them in large quantities. The use of writing tools powered by AI comes with several drawbacks. And if you ignore them, you can wind up with parts that aren’t up to meet the quality requirements of your website.

1. Avoid Appealing to the Emotions of Humans

The ability to tell a good story is essential to good writing. Every artificial intelligence writing tool can piece together random facts from the internet, but only a competent writer can make a fascinating and engaging copy.

Your material must connect emotionally with the people you’re trying to reach. Remember that most internet users have short attention spans and are likely to scroll right over anything that does not pique their interest.

We always recommend checking or proofreading all content after generating it through AI Content writing tools. In this way, you can overcome Problems created by AI Content writing tools. 

2.  Incomprehensible phrases in Content

Although AI technologies can produce correct grammatical sentences, you shouldn’t expect their draughts to be well-ordered or articulate. Most works will include paragraphs that could be clearer to follow and make no sense. Artificial intelligence can only synthesize data and adhere to fundamental grammar principles; it cannot logically connect various pieces of information.

You will be responsible for reorganizing the parts on your own. Search for paragraphs that relate to one another in some way and group them under a single header. Additionally, eliminate redundant data. AI technologies frequently rephrase the same information if they cannot differentiate between them.

3. Not adhere to Google’s most recent SEO guidelines.

In August 2022, Google significantly modified the core criteria for providing helpful content. The revised guidelines eliminate unnecessary and irrelevant pages. Google does not consider AI-generated content “useful,” which is a significant loss for marketers.

No new information is presented in these articles regarding the subjects they cover because the data they use comes solely from already established sources (such as periodicals and other businesses). Any repetitive content will only receive a penalty.

We recommend you learn how to write for the helpful content update Google plans for 2022. These guidelines must be adhered to achieve a high ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs), regardless of whether the articles were written manually or with the assistance of AI.

4. Incorrect or stale information.

AI Writing tools that use AI do not check the accuracy of information obtained from external parties. They gather the data by crawling through websites and other sources they believe are reliable, but they need to compare the data received. Because of this, the text that AI produces is frequently incorrect and contains instances of plagiarism.

If you see any errors, you should try editing them. But remember that it will be increasingly more work to handle inaccuracies as you write about more complex issues. Therefore, it is best to stick to writing about simple themes. If not, you risk being criticized for distributing false information.

5. Can’t Get Voice and Tone to Fit Your Brand:

Writing styles can be replicated by AI technologies to a certain extent. They will use example articles and 3rd parties as a reference, but you must not anticipate that the AI-generated content will match the language of your brand. At best, you have the option of picking and choosing which keywords to be using and which to avoid.

If you want high-quality copies representing your brand, you should instead collaborate with an experienced copywriter. Select one that has previously worked for companies comparable to yours. They should be able to express your story, purpose, and vision most clearly and compellingly imaginable.

Human Content Writing Vs. AI Content Writing

Human Content Writing

AI Content Writing


Human content writing is writing unique content on specific topics in text for different platforms like websites, social media, e-commerce, and Marketing platforms, etc. 


AI Content Writing is producing content using automated software based on Artificial intelligence. They create content within seconds by exploring and rewriting existing website content.

Content Quality: 

Natural immersed with emotional and convincing touch. Unique content but needs to be checked with Grammarly and plagiarism checkers.

Content Quality:

Plagiarism Free,  correct? Contain information from already existing sources. It may contain false information sometimes, and you need to improve that content.


Good competitive search skills, Good writing abilities, especially in English, attractive Profile or gig, good communication, and confidence.


Keyword optimizing skills, Proofreading skills,

Understand using AI content writing tools.  

How long?

If you are an expert content writer, you need a maximum of 5-6 hours to create a unique article written by yourself. It also depends on the article topic because some topics need deep research. So it may take time. Every day, human intelligence, abilities, and understanding grow, so enclose expertise in a time frame complexity. Every new day has new learning, so every passing day makes you more expert.

How long?

It will take 30-60 seconds to generate a unique article using by AI content writing tool.

Human content Writing Price

For clients:

Human content writing prices are high because it takes time and deep research by a content writer. 

For content writers:

If you’re a content writer, you must invest in Grammarly Premium, Copyscape premium, or other software to check headings, etc. It is a low investment for a writer, but his effort means a lot.

Ai Content Writing Price

For clients:

Ai content Writing price is usually low because it takes a few seconds to generate content.

For content writers:

If you’re a content writer, you must buy a monthly or yearly plan to get unlimited words to write on an AI generator. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

❓ What are the best free AI content writing tools for Content Writing?

If we talk about the Best Rewriting or Best Paraphrasing tool to generate a unique article, we recommend the best AI tool, which is Quilbot. This AI content Writing software lets you Rewrite Content according to your own will, reducing chances of error. 

❓ Is there any free AI writing tool?

You May Attempt “AnyWord” for Free but up to a limited extent. You can exert complete control over the content you publish with AnyWord and ensure it interests readers. With its AI-powered writing possibilities, you’ll be capable of creating messages for every campaign, and with the new blog writing tool, you’ll still be able to publish posts on demand!

❓ What are the top 3 best ai content writing tools?

According to research, the top 3 Ai content-writing tools are Quilbot, Anyword, and three tools help us create 100% unique and flawless content. You just have to read the content for a while and do some editing. After this, you can say the particular content is human writing content. 

How to use AI tools for content writing?

“AI content Writing” refers to writing effectively generated by a computer and produced utilizing technologies for processing natural language. You must first choose the topic you wish to report about and the category of information you require. This might be everything from a post on your blog to a brief advertisement. After that, you tell the AI tool how to behave by providing particular guidelines.

Is Grammarly an AI Writer?

The products offered by Grammarly are driven by a cutting-edge system that helps enhance your writing by utilizing a variety of artificial intelligence (AI) approaches, including learning algorithms, machine learning, and naturally occurring language processing, in addition to rules and patterns.

❓Is Ai content writing Hard?

No, it’s not. For a person who wants to work with liberty and doesn’t like tight working hours and office burden, it is a blessing for them. Moreover, for people in developing countries like ours, where jobs are rare and are always at stake, it is a promising career to pursue there. Lastly, if you want to do something different, creative, and innovative, step into it.

❓ Is AI-written content good for SEO?

The use of material generated by AI has a role in SEO. It depends on how, when, and why you use it to determine its usefulness. When Officially announced the beneficial content upgrade, many people in the search engine optimization business anticipated that AI-generated content would be severely impacted.

❓ Is AI copywriting worth it?

Artificial intelligence is a fantastic tool for rapidly producing material, but it is not the best place to seek for all of your content writing needs. It is not the answer to the problem of delivering high-quality content for the internet. Still, it can be a valuable platform for getting beyond writer’s block or assisting in developing some ideas.

❓ Which is the cheapest AI Writer?

As compared to other AI writing tools, Article Forge’s price is on the lower end. If you pay for this tool an entire year in advance, you can obtain it for the discounted rate of $13 per month. That’s for writing 40,000 words monthly, a respectable amount of output. Even if you desire unlimited words, the monthly fee of $57 won’t change.


To sum up, Artificial intelligence writing tools provide an output based on the input provided by the user. You can use the top 20 AI content Writing tools listed above as a content writer. After reading about this AI copywriting software, you can choose the best and cheapest tool to progress your content writing career. We hope that this article has helped you a lot. Make sure to share this article with others to appreciate us. Thanks, 

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