Samia Butt - Article writer

Samia Butt – Freelancing Success Story

Her Successful Journey in Article Writing

Samia (FWI Student) 

Best Article Writer! 


My name is Samia Butt. I am from Gujranwala, Pakistan. My educational background is MS in biological sciences. In addition, I am a professional content writer, blog writer, and article writer. I am confident about my Skill and punctuality! 

Which course were you learning from FWI? When? 

I’ve learned two courses from Freelance Working Institute (FWI)

  • The first one is the Article writing Course 1 year ago. This learning journey was a great experience for me. 
  • The second course I learned from Freelance Working Institute was Video editing 5 months ago. 

My First Project

I got My first project of Article writing by a client recommended by FWI. She asked me to write Website Content on Coach Hire in Uk. It was a project about RS. 600, which was a trial article. After this Article, my client appreciated me with positive remarks, as shown in the image below. After that Article, she hired me for long-term content Writing work. 


Earning From FWI Proof


Earning Through Freelance Working Institute

I also made money through the Marketing Job offered by Freelance Working Institute. I referred many students to FWI to learn content writing courses and earn money. 

Did you make money from clients recommended by FWI?

Yes, I did a lot of work as an Article writer, Blog posts, and website content writing projects given by a client referred by Freelance Working Institute. I made more than 40,000 Rupees with the contribution of the Freelance Working Institute. I am thankful to FWI for helping me to get started. Payment Proof from my client is given below;


Earning Proof of Content Writing



Have you ever Faced Scams in Freelancing? 

No, I haven’t faced any scams or any issues in freelance writing still. 

Share 2 Tips Abut Your Skill (Content Writing) for Beginners

Here are tips are given by Samia to all freelance writers

  1. I am hardworking and passionate about my work. I suggest you be Hard work and passionate about your work. 
  2. Always deliver your project on time. 

How much you’ve earned now!

I’ve earned More than 40 thousand rupees.

Samia’s Thoughts About FWI

FWI is a great platform for learning any Freelancing skill of your desire. You can learn multiple online freelancing courses in Pakistan through this platform. Everyone who wants to start an online business must choose this platform. It is one of my favorite platforms. Thanks, 

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