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Habib’s Success Story After FWI Course

Habiba's Freelancing Journey

My name is Habiba. I am a professional content writer. I started my freelancing journey by learning Freelance Writing Course at Freelance Working Institute. The course was well designed and understandable. Along with the best-organized lecture, we were given assignments for our practical training.

And I remember that I got excellent remarks from mam due to my wonderful and dedicated performance in my article. I was given an assignment to write on the topic ” Can a student become a Freelancer?” I enjoyed and wrote this assignment with full interest. And I know my passion, a lot of efforts from my content Writing teacher, and contribution by the FWI team enable me to be a great Content Writer. 

My First Earning

Freelancing Review

I got my first earning through Freelance Working Institute through Marketing Jobs. They asked me to market a content Writing course among your friends. They’ll pay me. I earned 12000pkr from a marketing job.

After this job, Freelance Working Institute offers me a Content Writing job. I am thankful to Freelance Working Institute for providing me, the first client. I got my first project from a client recommended by FWI. I do many projects and gained experience.

My First Project

My first project was to write an Affiliate Article on “Top 10 Magnetic Doors,” My client loved my work and gave me tips. The total amount I earned was Rs. 1500, as seen in the image. Now I am trying to join big international platforms to utilize my skills. 


Still, I didn’t face any scam because I never trusted anyone. Currently, I am writing for local clients, and they are paying a good amount for my work. 

Tips for Beginner Freelance Writer

  • Try to get more experience until you become a professional content Writer. 
  • Use Grammarly, the best tool to check Grammar, and is accepted by every client. 
  • Use Copyscape or Turnitin Premium to check Plagiarism if you want to be professional. 

Author Bio

I am Salma is, an experienced content writer, and I can write informational articles, affiliate articles, and website pages, including Homepage, Services page, About Us Page, Product Reviews, etc. I can provide 100% unique content without any Grammarly mistake.  

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