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Bushra Mughal – Top Rated Content Writer

About Myself

My name is Bushra Mughal. I am from Gujranwala, Pakistan. I’m a Professional Content writer with two years of experience in Content Writing. My educational background is that I am graduated in Chemistry From Punjab University Lahore.

Course I’ve learned From Freelance Working Institute 

I’ve learned Content Writing Course from Freelance Working Institute (FWI) in 2019 and got certified.

Freelancing Platforms 

The platforms on which I am doing Freelancing (content writing)  and making money online include Upwork, Fiverr, WhatsApp, and Facebook. 

My First Project

( I got my first earning from Freelance Working Institute by doing Marketing Jobs provided by FWI. I earned Rs. 8000 through marketing job provided by Freelance Working Institute)

After one week of the Content Writing Course, I got my first project from FWI. My First Project was to write 600 words article on App description in Rs. 650 From a Facebook client. I successfully did this project and got payment from the client. That was a great experience. 

My Total Projects

I have done almost 500+ projects by multiple clients from Fiverr, Upwork, WhatsApp, and Facebook. I always got positive reviews from my clients with a 5-star rating on my profiles. I’ve earned more than Five lac from different platforms. Some My Earning Proofs are given below:

  • Upwork

I joined Upwork on 12 September 2021, and now (22 January 2022), I’ve earned $400+ from Upwork in just a month. See My Profile Screenshot.

Freelance Writer by FWI

Upwork Earning

Upwork earning Screenshot

  • Fiverr

I joined Fiver in 2020, and I’ve earned $250+ from this platform.

Fiverr earning proof

  • Facebook & WhatsApp

I got many local clients from Facebook that asked me to come on WhatsApp. I did many projects with multiple local and foreign clients. Have a look!

earning prof

earning Proof

My Profile Links

  • Upwork

  • Fiverr

  • Facebook

  • My Portfolio

The scam that I faced 

Yes, I faced a scam on Facebook. Once a client asked me to write an article of 1000 words. When I sent her my article and asked her to send my payment, she didn’t reply to me, after getting that she was a scammer. I published that article on my Blogger to make that article Copyrighted. 😀

Best Platform For Me 

The most Profitable Platform that I found is Upwork, where I got a lot of projects within one week.

About Freelance Working Institute

I want to thank Freelance Working Institute for enabling me to learn this skill and helping me be a successful Freelancer. I am very thankful to My teacher, who helped me in every way t resolve the issues that I faced in my Freelancing journey. 

Message to Beginners

NEVER Disappoint with any rejection! Keep Trying. Apply to every job until you get a big project. Starting from little, you’ll undoubtedly reach a significant position one Day. InshAllah.

Tips To Content Writers

  • Whenever you apply for Job, Make Your Cover Letter unique! Your starting lines must be according to the Job Proposal. First, write about the job task.. afterward, you can explain your qualities. 
  • Start with little pricing. When clients come to know your quality, they will become addicted to your work. Then they will be urged to increase the rate for your work afterward.
  • Always make your content well-Presented and Premium Checked (buying Premium accounts will help you to progress a lot)

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