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How to Start Teaching Tajweed to your Kids at Home?

Teaching Tajweed to your kids is a fascinating adventure, but it may also feel overwhelming because they recite the Quran accurately recite the Quran.

When I started teaching tajweed to children, I recognized the blessing of the Quran. I was amazed at how fast the children caught up with them even though that tajweed may be difficult due to the rules and terminology.

It is what the Prophet (PBUH) said: 

“A person who memorizes the Qur’an and is able to recite it from memory will be included among the most pious and upright scribes (in Heaven). A person who puts in the effort to memorize the Qur’an by heart and then recites it with considerable difficulty will be rewarded twice as much for their efforts.”

(Sahih al-Bukhari 4937)

This hadith is a tremendous motivator for our younger children to keep attempting to recite the Quran with tajweed, even if it is difficult for them to do so. Therefore, from this point forward, whenever one of my pupils trips over a word, I will think of this hadith and grin.

Teaching Tajweed Quran online,

I am frequently asked about how and when to begin teaching tajweed. Although everyone’s experience with tajweed will be different, and there is certainly not just one method to teach tajweed, there are specific general guidelines that help you learn how to learn Quran with Tajweed at home!

1. Begin when you feel that your youngster is ready.

Because every child is unique, there is no “perfect” age to begin teaching Quran to the child. You can figure out whether your young one is ready by attempting to sit down with them for ten minutes.

And introducing a rule to them in a way that is both enjoyable and engaging, watching to see if they are engaged, and asking questions to determine how well they grasp the rule.

2. Be consistent while teaching Tajweed Quran

Including reading the Quran as part of their routine. You can begin teaching Quran to children online by reading to them at a young age, and as they get more proficient in their tajweed, you can ask them to locate the tajweed rules in the Quran on their own.

Consistency is of the utmost importance when learning something new; hence, even if you spend five to ten minutes studying a rule, playing a game, or just making the sounds of the letters, it will gradually increase your confidence.

3. Determine which Qaida is most suited for them.

There are many Qaida available for you to select from, and if you choose a Qaida that contains the tajweed rules, you won’t need to teach tajweed independently.

There are many different qaidas out there for you to select from. They will not have to struggle in the future if the rules are straightforwardly explained to them simultaneously as they are taught how to read Arabic. The Othman script is used for some qaidas, while the Indo-Pak script is used for others. 

Some qaidas combine the two hands. It is essential to remember that the Quran tajweed rules are derived from the Uthmani script. However, I have pondered both based on what has shown to be simpler for the youngster, and I later promoted the shift to the Uthmani script. Both scripts have their advantages and disadvantages.

4. Use your imagination while teaching Tajweed.

Regarding tajweed teaching online, there is a wide variety of room for inventiveness. You can easily add some excitement to tajweed by playing role-playing games with your child and asking them to act as the teacher, instructing you or their toys on one of the tajweed rules. 

You may start by asking your child what rule they would want to teach, and once they are completed, you could seek examples of that rule throughout the Quran. If you’re going to test whether or not they can see the error, you may try misreciting an example for them. 

Another fantastic method is to watch the incredible Arabic letter series and imitate the sounds he makes as you progress through the lessons. When we try to produce funny sounds in class, we laugh at our attempts.

You may also play a tajweed game with your young one. One of the first games I ever made was a matching game with 5 Maharaj, and the kids liked participating in this activity because it was both interactive and enjoyable.

5. Pray to Allah

The final but certainly not least stage in the teaching Tajweed journey is to make a lot of dua to Allah because he is the one who will put a lot of barakah in your time and enable your young children to fall in love with the Quran. TIt is a very crucial step in the journey.

Final Thought

The FREELANCE WORKING INSTITUTE (FWI) is an excellent place for you and your loved ones to get started on the path to tajweed. Now it has become easy for parents to teach their kids with Tajweed Quran study online. 

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