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How to grow YouTube channel Fast in 2022?-Know Latest Info Here by Successful YouTubers

Those who have created YouTube channels desire to get more viewers and subscribers on their YouTube channel. Undoubtedly, it’s somewhat challenging but not impossible to rank your YouTube channel. If you’re one of them who desire to grow a YouTube channel, then stay here! Because we’re going to tell all tips and tricks for growing the YouTube channel and Quick ways to rank your YouTube channel. Let’s commence! 

How to grow youtube channel
Grow your YouTube Channel


Earn money through the YouTube channel


Is it possible to earn online via YouTube channel? Absolutely yes! It’s possible to earn through creating a YouTube channel and optimizing it professionally. Some people believe that it’s either fake or impossible for Pakistani or Indian due to currency in USD. But they are at mistakes because there’s no strategy like that. Instead, whether they are Pakistani or Indian, YouTubers can get payment from Google AdSense. 


how to monetize youtube channel
Earn Money through YouTube Channel


Methods to earn money through YouTube channel.


There are many methods to earn online from your YouTube channel like Monetization with Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsorship, brand marketing, courses, etc. but the most popular earning on YouTube channel is through Monetization of the channel with Google AdSense. So, the Top 7 methods to earn online through YouTube are 

  • Through Google Adsense 
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Product Reviews
  • Brand marketing 
  • Courses sell 
  • Sell special videos
  • Sell monetized YouTube channel in Pakistan

What is the Monetization of the YouTube channel? 

Monetization of YouTube channels means enabling any YouTube channel to show Ads

When the person clicks those Ads, the creator of the YouTube channel will get paid from Google AdSense. In this way, YouTube creators earn online from Google Adsense through the fastest-growing YouTube channel. 

When does the YouTube channel get monetized?

It’s straightforward to monetize Youtube channels, but Google Adsense demands some conditions to monetize any Youtube channel as 

  • 1K subscribers
  • 4K watch time 

When you complete this target, your channel will be ready for Monetization. In other words, your channel will be able to show different Ads powered by Google Adsense. Your earnings will be saved in a Google AdSense account, and you can withdraw Google Adsense money from Paypal, Payoneer, and another bank account. 

How to monetize YouTube Channel?

Whatever your niche, it’s essential to grow a YouTube channel if you want Monetization of your channel with Google Adsense. When you create your own YouTube channel, you need to optimize it professionally to get traffic on your channel. Learn How to monetize YouTube channels?

How to earn money through Google Adsense? 

It’s a hundred percent guarantee of earning on YouTube through Google Adsense because it’s a trusted platform for all Ads displayer platforms. Plus, there’s no issue of scam in Google Adsense earning. You’ll be paid in a very systematic manner. When one person clicks on one Ad, you’ll get paid through his Click. In other words, this criterion is called Pay Per Click. 

How to get 1000+ subscribers quickly on the YouTube channel? 

If you want to get 1000 subscribers quickly, you have two options to achieve it. There are two valid methods of getting more subscribers on your YouTube channel. Want to know? Here you go! 

  1. YouTube SEO
  2. Run YouTube Ads

The first option is to optimize your channel accurately, and the second is the quick method. The second method to get more subscribers is to run paid Instream Ads by activating the call-to-action button as “Subscribe Now.” 


2 ways to grow youtube channel
2 Quick ways to grow YouTube channel


When people see your channel Ad anywhere, they will be impressed and click on Subscribe button. You need to perform little investment. The chances of your YouTube channel promotion will increase. Invest a small amount in running YouTube Ads and get more subscribers on your channel. 

How to optimize YouTube channels perfectly? 

YouTube SEO is essential to get traffic on your channel. If you don’t know how to optimize your YouTube channel accurately, join our online classes for the YouTube domination course. Freelance Working Institute offers a YouTube course online with a highly professional YouTube expertise teacher named Deepak Singh. 

Learn YouTube course Free in Urdu

Learn YouTube course free with professional YouTube mentor. This YouTube course for beginners is actually in Urdu or Hindi to better understand all concepts by beginners and professional YouTubers in Pakistan. I would highly recommend this course to those people living in Pakistan or India who desire to grow their YouTube channel and earn online through YouTube channels. 

Learn YouTube Course for free 


Sum Up 

The main theme of writing this blog is to help the people who want to earn online but wait for clients. Most clients don’t give work to beginners, but they don’t need to worry now! Now, they can earn independently without waiting for clients. Yes! Create your channel, make little effort and earn online for a lifetime. Besides, if you want to make your YouTube channel professional, enroll in our YouTube course online for free.


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