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How Long Does Online Tajweed Course in Pakistan Take to Complete?

Visitors usually inquire how long it will take to complete the online Tajweed Course in Pakistan. According to the Freelance Working Institute (FWI), learning the Arabic alphabet typically takes three months, including all of the distinct vowel shapes. Then, it may take 6 to 9 months to begin the Tajweed classes. 

However, it unquestionably varies from person to person. It means that if a typical person practices at home for 2 hours a week. And it takes tajweed Lessons online regularly, he can acquire the basics of the Tajweed Quran in six to nine months.

Free Tajweed Course Planner at Freelance Working Institute (FWI)

Level 1

1-50 Lessons (Tajweed Quran)

Duration: 2.5 months 

Level 2

51-99 Lessons (Tajweed Quran)

Duration: 2.5 months 

Level 3

1-15 Lessons (Namaz with Tajweed) 

Duration: 1 month

How can I quickly learn Online Tajweed Course in Pakistan? 

How long Does it take to complete tajweed course? Tajweed Course duration, How long it take to learn Tajweed, Online Tajweed course in Pakistan

The online Tajweed tutors respond by saying that first and foremost, we need to become familiar with Arabic letters. The reason is that they are the primary component of the Quran. We will practice pronouncing each letter of the alphabet using the various vowels. In that situation, we could only rely on the oral method if we read the Quran to the child.

The next step is learning to recite the Quran using the Tajweed rules. As a result, we begin teaching the Tajweed applicable rules, such as the rules of the non-voweled meem and the non-voweled noon. So, it will be better prepared to learn Quran online. During this phase of free tajweed classes online, we can practice our recitation by concentrating primarily on the rule.

It is beneficial for the parent to have some knowledge of Tajweed and the ability to recite the Quran correctly. Learning should be viewed as a process that continues throughout one’s life. It is strongly recommended that we acquaint our souls with the knowledge of Holy Quran.

How can you make your Tajweed better?

According to a verse in the Quran attributed to Allah, the Highest: 

“And those who strived for Us. We will definitely lead them in Our directions, for Allah is most certainly among those who succeed while doing good.” [ِAl-‘Ankabut 69].

The online female Quran teacher in Pakistan continues by stating that it is impossible to perfect recitation with Tajweed in the amount of time allotted for the class. That is why we provide the student’s homework to help them become proficient in the skill.

The task is usually determined by the student’s age and ability level. In this situation, the role of the parent is vital. The reason is that they need to follow up to support the process and teach their son the appropriate manner to learn the Tajweed.

Join Free Tajweed Course online.

Don’t worry if you have problems going outside for a physical Madrassah or mosque to learn Quran with Tajweed. You can also learn Tajweed by taking a free online Tajweed course in Pakistan.

One of the best online learning platforms is Freelance Working Institute (FWI), where you can learn the Quran. In addition, it also offers other multiple courses online to start your career. Search female Quran teacher near me. Join the Free Tajweed Course online and improve your Quran recitation at home. 

Think about what you have read:

After joining an online Tajweed ul Quran course in Pakistan, you must be focused while taking Tajweed classes online at FWI. The Quran is a collection of messages from Allah to humans. It is for us to comprehend, ponder, and put into practice so that we may be successful both in this life and the next.

In addition, comprehension of the words of the Quran is of the utmost significance. Also, it is the options panel allows you to select the translation that best suits your needs. 

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat:

While learning the best online Tajweed Course in Pakistan, you should not leave practising online Tajweed lessons. There are various websites available to assist in the practice of reciting the Quran using Tajweed. 

After you have mastered the Arabic letters and begun learning Tajweed Quran online, specify an amount of Ayat. According to your capability, listen to them as a whole, then listen to one Ayah or even part of it. After this, you must pause and repeat after the Tajweed tutor. 

There are a lot of different websites that provide online tajweed classes for sisters for free (e.g. FWI). They help you the ability to choose the number of times that you have to replay something.

Being Persistent and continuously making Dua

How to keep your child motivated to learn Tajweed of the Quran and how to learn it. Once you get enrollment in an online Quran class from Pakistan for free, you should not lose hope. You must be determined that you can do whatever will be long duration. 

There is no telling what could cause your child’s attention to wane while you are travelling. As his father, you are responsible for encouraging him to keep studying the Quran. You can persuade him of the book’s significance in his life. 

In addition, you can inspire him by giving him presents. In addition, you can say encouraging things about how well he is doing with the help of his online tajweed tutor. You can assist his teacher in gaining a better understanding of his preferences and the type of personality.

Wrap Up

Learning to master the Tajweed Quran correctly can be challenging and complex. However, It may be just like any other path to success, but it is unquestionably worthwhile in the long run. 

Making the intention pure and focusing on serving Allah SWT is the first step. The Muslim parent needs to constantly remind their child toward the path that Allah SWT has established. Even after he dies, this child will continue to do beautiful things.

It is now feasible to acquire the knowledge necessary to Learn the Quran with tajweed. Not only in the comfort of one’s own home, but also it has become easy to get started on this incredibly gratifying activity in Tajweed learning. Join online Quran classes for ladies free by Freelance Working Institute (FWI).

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can the duration of an online Tajweed course in Pakistan be customized?

The duration of a Tajweed course can be customized to some extent, depending on the specific needs and availability of the student. FWI offer flexible timings or allows students to choose between shorter or longer durations based on their learning goals and schedule constraints. It’s recommended to inquire with the course provider regarding their flexibility options.

2. How long does it take to complete an introductory Tajweed course?

The duration of an introductory online Tajweed course in Pakistan can range from a few weeks to a few months.  Basic Tajweed Course Duration depends on factors like the intensity and frequency of the classes, the prior knowledge of the student, and the specific curriculum followed by the course. At Freelance Working Institute, the introductory Tajweed course in Pakistan contains 50 Lessons and will take 2.5 months to complete.

3. What is the typical duration of an intermediate Tajweed course?

An intermediate online Tajweed course in Pakistan usually takes several months to complete. The exact duration can vary based on the depth of the curriculum, and the number of classes per week.

Also, the level of practice and review required to reinforce the learned concepts also matters a lot in the Tajweed course duration. At FWI, Level 2 of the Tajweed course contains an intermediate Tajweed course, which usually takes 2.5 months to complete.

4. How long does an advanced Tajweed course generally take to complete?

Advanced Tajweed courses are more comprehensive and can take several months to a year. These courses delve into intricate rules and advanced recitation techniques. Moreover, it requires significant practice and dedication to achieve high proficiency. AT FWI, the advanced Tajweed course is included in level 3. So, level 3 of the Free Tajweed Course online at FWI takes one month to complete.

5. Do FWI offer a Short Tajweed course online?

Yes, Freelance Working Institute offers a quick Tajweed course online in Pakistan that aims to cover the material in a shorter duration. These courses often require more commitment and dedication from the students. In addition, you can explore the online Tajweed course Dawateislami.

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