Answer The public Tool- Best Tool to Find Keywords and FAQs

One of the best Keyword Researching Tool “Answer the Public ” is to get multiple ideas for creating content. It gives you multiple keywords along with frequently Asked Questions on Google searches. 

How to use AnswerThePublic: 

Here we can find keywords for our blog post or our YouTube channel video or social media post. There is a great deal of software for this, whose name is AnswerthePublic. Follow the following steps to use this software: 

  1. So, first of all, let’s go to the official website pr answer jay by
  2. We type the keyword. If you are related to a blog post, a video, or a social media post, type your topic (like bodybuilding).
  3. Next, you want to select a specific area/country. These three specific languages ​​are also selected.
  4. Next time we do all this, click on the search engine, then we will find the selected keywords such as How, can, why, where, if, who, what, and many more topics.
  5. Find out your keywords here.
  6. And if you want, you can open all the keywords in Excel.
  7. You can download all keywords from the right top corner.
  8. You can open it on Excel.

That’s it from this Tool. I hope this guide will help you find keywords for your website, blogs, youtube, and other platforms.

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